Performance Testing

Techtez has strong capabilities in Performance Testing and helping our customers in building products with good performance standards and future ready. We help in application tuning, Capacity planning , Performance Optimization and thus achieving high responsiveness, scalability and reliability in applications. We performance tested products in Telecom, Network management sand IOT solutions.

Case study 1 - Telecom application

Our Client is a US based Telecom Product company whose Solution has been deployed at 15 Telcos spanning 10 different countries. Application is a 6-server architecture by hardware and complex internal architecture made to perform better with high performance numbers.

Application Requirement:

  • Process a peak traffic of 3.5 millions messages/day.
  • Process 12 messages per second
  • 10 hour stability test
  • 400 concurrent GUI users for 2hrs
  • Measure the overall system capacity in simultaneous user’s load
  • Response time measurement of critical transactions or user actions during a Stress and Load (Volume like Production)
  • Clustering for App server.

Proceeding and Solution:

  • Set up Performance framework for large Telecom application
  • Develop Test strategy after discussion with Architects and Product team
  • Performance environment setup with volume of the database similar to production system, define benchmarks and identify the message flows required.
  • Develop required simulators with depicts external interfacing systems, which generates Requests/Responses.
  • Load the system with messages as per the application requirements and monitor the performance of the system.
  • Find the performance issues during the peak loads, debug the issues and Tune different application parameters, OS parameters and DB configurations.
  • Prepare details performance report.

Case study 2 - Network management solution

Network management system (NMS) is end to end network management system which offers different types of services which are point to point, point to conference, conference to conference and switch to switch. These services are basically telecom call based used for Army services. This NMS is developed on FCAPS i.e Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security

This NMS has capacity of managing thousands of Network elements and real time data processing, data storage. MySQL is used as database for the network manager. Communication between management network and device network is SNMP protocol. Adventnet SNMP tool used to create thousands of virtual network elements and communicate to the network manager by sending configured trap messages. Customer’s requirement is to have 10,000 devices to be managed and receiving 10 messages per second. Performance test results showed that NMS has capability of managing 50,000 devices and 25 messages (traps) per second which sends to network manager.