User Experience

User Experience is about creating a meaningful experience of the products we create. Products with good user experience are not designed just for consumption but also by keeping in mind aspects such as efficiency, fun, pleasure etc. Taking all in into account our team at Techtez provide customers with UX design and development services.

We follow the design principles which take into account the following

  • Smooth Navigation to create a easy flowing design and placing important content prominently
  • Less is more which emphasizes simple design as opposed to having a cluttered design.
  • Using simple language.
  • Usability of the design, which should be easy to use.
  • Narrative design which helps in telling a story with the design.
  • Visual communication plays a significant role.
  • Interactive design
  • Taking into account users context.
  • Consistency
  • Requirements management
  • Understanding the gap between Mobile and Web based products.