Digital Transformation Services

Application Development Methodology

Today’s Time to Market solutions need a Agile approach to meet market demands. Our team follows Agile product development strategy to ensure regular contact with customer, doing deliverables in Sprints and incorporating customer feedbacks there by ensuring regular vetting of the Product.

Engineering Excellence

Engineering is at our core. We have built products and digital solutions using best in class technologies involving full stack, cloud / on premise clusters, mobility, Analytics , using different UI/UX frameworks, Micro services architecture and meet the scale and agility required by the customer.


We implement highest security standards in our application and data in transit and rest, govern by detailed threat modelling design and testing. Well versed with tools like Microsoft Threat modelling tools. Doing the Vulnerability checks using tools like OpenVAS, Nessus. Our IOT platform is built on Digital certificate and token-based authentication mechanisms.

Open Source Solutions

Our team has a good expertise in building products and solutions using various open-source tools and platforms and there by accelerate the development, testing and deployment of technology stack without starting from scratch and also have cost effective solutions. Our Techtez IOT platform is built on complete open-source technologies.

Dev Ops

Built solutions that can be deployed with ease and Scale to handle high volumes of transactions using DevOps solutions like docker containerization, orchestrate and Scaling the solution through Kubernetes. There by ensuring robust, scalable and high availability applications.

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Data Analytics & Visualization

Data Analysis with good visualizations helps you with better decision making. We have expertise in building solutions with Spark Analytics that handle large volumes of data and Grafana dashboards for the best visualizations with real time and history data. Reporting built on Zeppelin.

Enterprise Applications

Have expertise in building products and system integration capabilities in Telecom domain with handling of products like Numbering solutions built on SOA architecture.. Solution involves complex integration with operator OSS EAI using different message brokers, BSS and Network Element Managers processing high volume of transactions.


We have designed and developed applications on different cloud platforms like AWS , Oracle and Digital Ocean.. Some of the products used the services provide by the cloud platforms like IAM, API Gateway, Lambda, Dynamo DB, S3, EC2, Step Functions, Cloud Watch, SQS and others or only using the cloud VM’s and we configuring all the required third-party software. Thus, taking advantage of Cost, speed, reliability etc.


Techtez offers cloud based IOT platform built on open-source tools. Platform provides Device management, Telematic, Data Analytics and Visualization , Alerting and OTA update capabilities. Platform has secure access control API and built on Microservices architecture. Platform also supports various protocols. Team has expertise in building various IOT solutions like Asset tracking, Fleet tracking and solutions for smart cities.

Test Automation

Leverage our test automaton services to achieve quality at speed that enable faster time to market your application. Our expertise in automation tools include SoapUI, Selenium, Appium and Robot Framework and load testing using JMeter and silk performer.. Our automation framework supports desktop, web and mobile applications.

Smart Devices

Have expertise in building cloud applications that support different Smart devices like energy meters, wearables, Dataloggers.  Team is familiar with all of the major technologies like Amazon AWS IoT Core and Microsoft Azure IoT framework.


We have good experience in consulting space. Providing domain consulting to Telecom operates in the Number Portability space. Consulting mostly involves merger, migration, integrating their EAI and their Network elements with gateway systems. We also Provide consulting in security services that help you design and implement right security measures. Vulnerabilities consultancy based on OWASP practices, In depth Analysis of potential application security issues.


  • Providing 24×7 L3 / L4 support to our customers.
  • This support is governed by stringent SLAs and quality process.
  • Implement SOPs to be followed by L2 teams for the frequent issues


Have good expertise in building mobility solutions using cross platform tools like React Native and thus provide cost effective solutions and also on Android and IOS. Our teams follow the best practice and understands the emerging technologies.

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User Experience Design

User Experience is about creating a meaningful experience of the products we create. Products with good user experience are not designed just for consumption but also by keeping in mind aspects such as efficiency, fun, pleasure etc. Taking all in into account our team at Techtez provide customers with UX design and development services.

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