Techtez has strong capabilities in developing Mobile Solutions on Android, IOS and using free cross platform development tools like React Native there by helping in building cost effective cross platform solutions.

Case Study 1: Fashi - Mobile ecommerce Platform

Fashi is one stop fashion destination for all fashion needs. It’s integrated cloud platform that acts as an aggregator to all the ecommerce online shopping under one umbrella.

This platform is a generic platform that can cater to any ecommerce business. Mobile App is built on Android platform, communicates to the backend NodeJs application through REST services using Json data. Data persistence is in a NoSQL mongo db database.

Case Study 2: Smart Water Meter

Smart Water metering app helps user to see the live water consumption data, consumption data analytics will show pattern of water usage which can
help in better planning the water needs.

App built on Android platform. Smart water meter captures and transmit the consumption data to the cloud application using LORAWAN
communication. The LORA gateway will be connected to backhaul network to push the data to cloud. Cloud application will record the consumption
data. Spring REST API services will push the data to end user mobile apps.

Key Features

  • Wireless Water meter
  • Accurate consumption reading
  • Multiple water source configuration
  • On-Premise or cloud data management
  • Smart Device feature
  • Subscription based

Mobile Features

  • Dashboard
  • Monthly History
  • Pay bills
  • Payment History
  • Report Issue
  • Issue Records
  • Edit Profile
  • Sign in / out

Case Study 3: IOT Platform Mobile App

Developed Mobile application using cross platform tool React Native for an IOT Cloud platform. React Native supports multiple platforms such as IOS and Android mobile devices seamlessly.

Mobile app helps IOT platform with Device data visualizations using dashboards and Device controls, App also has a Fleet management services which is integrated to google maps and Map my India for the real time tracking of vehicles.

Mobile App interacts with the platform using REST services and perform token-based authentication. React native app is integrated to Grafana for visualization dashboards. Data persistence is on NoSQL mongo dB for the device sensor data and MySQL database for the user data.

Key Features

  • User Management
  • Device Management
  • Widgets
  • Graphical Visualizations of real time sensor data
  • Dashboards
  • Fleet Management services
  • View up coming trips

Mobile Features

  • Completed trips and replay
  • Live trips
  • Find my Vehicle
  • Share my location
  • Immobilize the Vehicle
  • SOS
  • Share destination
  • Vehicle Diagnostics

Case Study 4: NIE

Developed Mobile (Android & IOS) / Cloud IOT solution for HYDAC (Unizen Technologies customer) to use in the Academic Labs. Mobile App/Web application is primarily used for Viewing data /controlling Dataloggers in PLC lab and Hydraulic lab, XDK device for different experiments. Sensors are connected to different ports of datalogger and XDK.

Mobile application retrieves the sensor data with configured time interval for Digital input port (0 & 1) ,Analog input port with respect to Min & Max value & HSI Port values (Saturation, Temperature & flow). App is also used to change the run time configurations of the Digital out put ports, which in turn helps in controlling the device. App communication to and from the Dataloggers / XDK happens through the cloud application. Mobile communicates to Cloud through a Spring REST API services using Json data, communication from the Cloud to Datalogger/XDK happens through MQTT protocol through Json data. MP chart is used on mobile APK for Visualization of sensor data in a graphical representation. Data Persistence is on NoSQL Cassandra database for device data and MySQL for the user data.

Key Features

  • User Management
  • Device Management between Labs
  • Manage Project information
  • Create New projects
  • Device Configurations
  • Experiment data
  • Control Devices
  • Graph Visualizations
  • Reports

Case Study 5: Smart Wearable Covid 19 Tracker

Developed Android Mobile application and Cloud solution for Unizen technologies for their BLE enabled Smart Wristband. The Wristband is a Quarantine Tracker with host of tracking and monitoring features.

It’s an IoT solution with BLE (Bluetooth 5.0) technology on device and communicating to the cloud service through a Mobile App. Android app communicates to the cloud services through a Spring based REST services using Json data and uses a token-based authentication. Data persistence is on MySQL database.

Key Features

  • Live Tracking of quarantine person.
  • Body Temperature
  • Geo-fencing House
  • Google Contact-Tracing tech
  • Geo-fencing Contamination Zone
  • Map Proximity Distance with Quarantine
  • BLE 5.0 & GPS
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Real-time Alerts & Notifications
  • Unlock Wristband
  • Geo-fencing
  • Body Temperature Spike
  • Enter Contamination Zone & Long Hour Stationing
  • Smart Phone gets switched off
  • Wristband Battery Drain out
  • Wristband disconnected from Smart Phone
  • Compatible with Android & iOS