Techtez Delivery Strength

Delivery process

Follow strong delivery process, use Agile methodology and Scrum process in the delivery.


We have good experience in consulting space. Providing domain consulting to Mobile operates in the Number Portability space. Consulting mostly involves merger, migration, integrating their EAI and their Network elements with gateway systems.

Application Development

As part of the Application development service we have the skill to deliver a complete solutions meeting critical business requirements. Our capabilities include System Engineering, full stack development, Product testing, Performance tuning for scaling up the applications to handle the high volumes of transactions.

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We implement highest security standards in our application, govern by detailed threat modelling design, and testing. Its ensured all OWASP define CVE are reviewed time to time and implemented in all customer applications and products. Team trained time to time on the cyber and information security.


Team has the expertise in DevOps containerization doing deployments on premise servers Or Cloud. Deploy application components using docker containers, manage and orchestrate them through Kubernetes.

Data Analytics

Our capabilities include mainly in the area of Predictive Analytics and Data Visualization. Collect the data from multiple data sources like pulling it from various streaming devices, media platforms, Time series database etc all in real time. Analyse and categorised into useful information for businesses operations by acting on real time events.


We have the expertise in building IOT cloud applications and Mobile application which help in device management, real time analytics and data visualization. Team has expertise in Fleet Management, Smart metering and Asset tracing applications.


  • Test automation is one our core strength.
  • Use tools like Selenium, Appium and Robot Framework in automation design and implementation.
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  • Providing 24×7 L3 / L4 support to our customers.
  • This support is govern by stringent SLAs and quality process.
  • Implement SOPs to be followed by L2 teams for the frequent issues.